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About us

About Us:

Our goal is to creating social atmospheres to share One Million Ideas Program with a mission to help a million entrepreneurs reach a million dollars, in annual revenue returns and million jobs opportunities.


With our weekly guests on the shows’, education programs, mentorship, engaging, networking , and connecting entrepreneurs through ‘One Million-Ideas program, as well as introductions to potential customers, network partners, business referrals, (capital ventures,investors,banks,alternative financing- these are optional not a guarantee). Please note that we focus on social business strategy and execution; capital is optional, and may or may not be appropriate for your particular business.

“If, we had one million people from all over the world, who can assist each other, in getting a solution to their ideas, we can always move faster in terms of wealth creation and developments. This would help entrepreneurs who want to actualize their ideas, find a solution.” KenWaningu

The platform provides entrepreneurs with the resources they need to get a small business started through capital ventures, educators, peers and mentors.

One Million Ideas social platforms is dedicated to connecting one million ideas entrepreneurial programs in our communities, to meet locally share, build and exchange business ideas, with those around us, by making a positive impacts in one-another life’s.

We dream of empowering entrepreneurs, to support one another and find ways to make a positive transformation in one another’s lives while networking over cup of tea.

Every week, entrepreneurs present their startup companies to their communities and learn how the community can help support their business to flourish. At each meeting, two entrepreneurs are invited to share their business plans with the group and to receive valuable feedback from the attendees, many of whom are successful business leaders in the community. Business owners and local entrepreneurs have a platform in which to network and share resources through the OneMillion-Ideas program.

The One Million Ideas program stretches across cities and town communities, to a million business owners and entrepreneurs. “The ‘One Million Ideas stems from the notion that at 9 a.m. on a Wednesday morning, over a million entrepreneurs and business owners are gathered across the country networking, and presenting their ideas over cups of coffee,” The participants are set to meet at 4p.m. on every first Thursday of every month at the café or restaurant .

Each meeting will feature two startups and upcoming entrepreneurs. Start ups For Weekly Presentations: Start-ups are given the opportunity to present their business ideas to an audience comprised of peers, mentors, educators, advisors, investors, and capital ventures. After the entrepreneur’s six-minute presentation, the audience is given an opportunity to remark on the product or service idea, and inquire about various aspects of the company.


Our primary objective is to provide small businesses and entrepreneurs with, access to capital ventures, investors, business plan,education,mentorship, development, training and networking opportunities by creating a social interactive platform known as “”. As a self driven entrepreneurial program, we strive to economically strengthen the businesses, entrepreneurs and the communities we serve.

Our Vision events are designed to educating ,empowering, networking, and connecting entrepreneurs.