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February 22nd, 2017
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As One Million Ideas , we welcome both major and small scale companies and organizations! A majority of our focus for you, are ‘business or advertising majors’, however everyone is welcome and can benefit from all the experience “ One Million Ideas” has to offer. If you're interested in joining, shoot us an email. Our network exists to bring diverse people, experiences, and ideas together in a safe environment; in new and exciting ways; to share skills, tools, and inspiration; and to marvel at what we make together! Business Plan Competitions: Win Business Capital With Your Great Idea! Allows participants with a business ideas, has the chance to win business capital to start their businesses.

Our Inspiratios:

It’s business promotion atmosphere that provides future career opportunities. Its’ a place to develop and commercialize high value businesses services, and products in any entrepreneurship industry.One Million Ideas platform helps entrepreneurs create the bright future and provide access to early job opportunities.Our programs opens to anyone offering investment, education,funding,space, mentoring and resources for economic growth’s. We are inspired by creative, entrepreneurial actions. Innovations And Startups Celebrations: We honor researchers,

Innovators, startups, organizations, and individuals who reportedly to an invention,and licensed a technology or were awarded patents during the academic year. We recognize the winners of awards for innovation and achievement in any technology industry. We organize networking reception and showcases for licensed innovative technologies and startups developed in campus labs, classrooms and beyond.

Market Place:

One Million Ideas programs brings path-breaking ideas to the marketplace to improve the quality of life in communities near and far, and to help entrepreneurs excel and improve in their work in support for start-ups, and partnerships with businesses and communities through legal processes, institutions and colleges.